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$326M Wormhole Exploit Causes Solana’s S

There was a fall in the prices of Solana Sol tokens after attackers were able to exploit the vulnerability on Wormhole. It is a popular bridge that exists between the networks of Ethereum and Solana. Bridges are gateways or tools used to transfer data and assets between two separate blockchains. In the last 24 hours, […]


EOS is one of the top three competitors of Ethereum. It is also the largest ICO that was ever carried out on Ethereum and was able to raise a whopping amount of $4 billion. EOS at times is also referred to as ‘Ethereum on Steroids’ as 1000s of transactions per second are possible on it. […]

Enterprise Blockchain Implementation Cha

An increase in the adoption of blockchains has also created many challenges associated with blockchain implementation. Indicating that there is still a long way to go for blockchain technology before it can be completely implemented.  Some of the problems that are being witnessed in the implementation of the blockchain are discussed below: Increasing Cost One […]

$637,000,000 spent on One Crypto Exchang...

Over half a million dollars were spent by a large Ethereum whale on the native asset of a crypto derivatives exchange.  As per the resources, Crypto whale purchased 15,720,427 FTX tokens worth $637.14 million in a single transaction.  FTX tokens are the utility token of the FTX crypto exchange, a trading platform for leveraged tokens, […]

Importance of Consensus Mechanism for Bl

Private Blockchains are also known as enterprise blockchains; the difference from public blockchains is that they are permissioned.  Some of the key features of private blockchains are: Controlled membership and access: Only trusted nodes are permitted to join the enterprise blockchains. New users are validated through the identity management system of the organization. This implies […]

Wonderland Controversy Causes a Dump in ...

The native token of the Terra ecosystem dropped sharply after the controversy surrounding Wonderland.  The token was down by 17% on Friday. It traded as low as $47.56, the lowest it has traded since November. Recently, Luna was trading around $51.89 and was down from its all-time high price of $100.17 which it reached in […]