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Crypto Rollercoaster: Understanding Cryp...

Crypto Bubbles

The cryptocurrency world can be both thrilling and intimidating. Stories of overnight fortunes and rapid price surges abound, but equally dramatic crashes often follow these highs. This boom-and-bust cycle is a hallmark of what’s known as a crypto bubble. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the world of crypto bubbles, unpacking the factors that […]

Bithumb’s crypto exchange is under inves

Bithumb's crypto exchange is under investigation again by South Korean regulators

Bithumb is the subject of a special tax inquiry by South Korea’s National Tax Service (NTS). The South Korean tax and legal authorities recently took notice of Bithumb, a cryptocurrency exchange. A “special” investigation into the exchange’s business practices has been launched by the tax authorities. The company’s largest shareholder has also been subpoenaed for […]

Ripple’s CEO anticipates a breakthrough

Ripple's CEO anticipates a breakthrough in crypto rules during the XRP lawsuit ruling

During the 118th Congress, Ripple’s CEO expressed cautious optimism about regulatory clarity for cryptocurrencies. Crypto regulation receives bipartisan support On Jan. 3, Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of financial technology company Ripple Labs, stated that the newest session of Congress will finally streamline crypto regulations. Garlinghouse noted that crypto regulation was supported by both the Democratic and […]

Defrost Finance receives stolen funds, “

Defrost Finance receives stolen funds, "will refund investors"

Defrost Finance, a decentralized leverage trading platform on Avalanche (AVAX), suffered a flash loan attack on December 23. As a first step, they took roughly $12 million, but the platform claims it received the funds and planned to “refund investors.” Further, Defrost Finance’s team claims a stolen owner key breached its V1 protocol, while others […]

Crypto Companies Will Be Treated Like Ba

Crypto Companies Will Be Treated Like Banks By FSB

In its upcoming regulatory framework, the Financial Stability Board plans to treat cryptocurrency companies similarly to banks. In 2023, the FSB, the world’s largest financial watchdog, will publish regulatory guidelines for crypto. In the coming months, the FSB will outline a timeline for global regulators. Their first recommendations on global crypto regulation will be implemented […]