Ankr is now an RPC provider on the Sui blockchain. According to Ankr’s Head of Product Josh Neuroth, the web3 infrastructure project, which serves dozens of proof-of-stake chains with its node delivery system and RPC aggregator, will “create a building environment that is intuitive and easy to use, so new developers and projects can start using it.”

Through the new RPC connection, web3 developers and decentralized applications can easily connect to Sui’s Move-based blockchain, make requests, and receive information returns similar to what they would receive by running a full node independently. In this way, developers can focus on building dApps and services of the future without having to worry about the costs and hassles of running a full node.

Announcing the partnership, Josh Neuroth said, “We are very excited to support Sui so web3 developers can build faster on what appears to be a promising new ecosystem.”

Taking a Major Step

With its link-up with Ankr, Sui, whose team includes several ex-Meta employees, is likely to broaden its appeal as it establishes itself as a creator-friendly layer-1. A $300 million funding round was closed by Mysten Labs back in September.

With Sui’s Testnet Community and premium RPCs, developers can now build scalable dApps on top of the network more easily. With Ankr’s Testnet RPC, wallets, command-line interfaces, and dApps are connected to Sui, acting as a blockchain router to interface on-chain information between nodes, dApps, and end users.

The partnership will simplify the onboarding process for dApps, DEXs, web3 wallets, NFT platforms, and GameFi projects, paving the way for the Sui blockchain to develop its very own ecosystem.

As Wave 1 crests and the Sui mainnet goes live, Ankr plans to expand its support for developers by publishing supplementary documents and adding new features. With multiple independent nodes, the infrastructure provider’s Sui RPC is decentralized and geo-distributed, ensuring low latency and reliable connections.

Ankr recently became one of the first RPC providers for the Aptos blockchain, founded by ex-Meta employees like Sui. Over 8 billion RPC requests are processed by the infrastructure provider daily for blockchains such as Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, and Fantom.

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