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As the FTX fire spreads, BlockFi declare

As the FTX fire spreads, BlockFi declares bankruptcy

The most recent cryptocurrency company to file for bankruptcy is BlockFi, which followed the collapse of Sam Bankman-crypto Fried’s empire. Another business infected by the FTX virus The FTX virus has recently claimed another cryptocurrency company. BlockFi will reportedly file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection later today, according to a crypto news source. According to […]

Sui Blockchain Partners with Web3 Infras...

Sui Blockchain Partners with Web3 Infrastructure Project Ankr

Ankr is now an RPC provider on the Sui blockchain. According to Ankr’s Head of Product Josh Neuroth, the web3 infrastructure project, which serves dozens of proof-of-stake chains with its node delivery system and RPC aggregator, will “create a building environment that is intuitive and easy to use, so new developers and projects can start […]

According to WSJ, Genesis sought $1 bill

A request for funding was never granted to the company. Genesis, a crypto lending firm, reportedly asked investors for an emergency loan of $1 billion this week before suspending redemptions. According to the fundraising document, Genesis needed access to the credit facility by 10 a.m. Monday due to illiquid assets on its balance sheet. However, […]

Send and receive crypto on multiple netw...

 Over the next month, entitled customers will be able to send and receive ETH, MATIC, and USDC on Polygon, and USDC on Solana. The Polygon unification marks the first time has enabled the capacity to send and receive these benefits on an L2 or sidechain. Sending crypto on Ethereum has become increasingly costly for individual […]

Most Favoured Crypto Trading Strategies

Introduction Trading is obtain and selling something to make an interest. For example, in real-world goods markets, trading of all sorts of thing takes place, including goods like Tesla, currencies like U.S. Dollars, metals like gold, and items like soybeans. Cryptocurrency trading is all the temper right now due to its volatility and frequency of […]

Behind Voyager’s Fall: Crypto Dealer Act

In an industry where counterparties are deeply bound together by a weave of debt and purchase, dominoes can drop fast and hard. At its height, Voyager Digital boasted 3.5 million users and $5.9 billion in assets, comparable to a small regional bank or respectable wealth management firm. Ninety-seven percent of Voyager’s customer stored less than $10,000 on the […]